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OTHER BENEFICIARIES: Regional and local authorities


Identification of existing economic potentials around target sites and social study of the neighbouring populations through field studies and the appropriated and envisaged socio-economic studies.


Socio-economic recovery of target sites identifying all potentialities and impacts.

Task 2.1: Social studies of population surrounding the protected site by specific legislation and its comparison with the population living inside the protected site (Comparison between the two geographical frameworks. Where possible, comparison of LA laws and those of the EU, at sites of similar characteristics). The issues involved in these studies are: population structure according to their social characteristics, type of existing jobs, most frequent diseases in the selected areas, education level of the population, specific needs of the population for their social promotion, communication channels between the various sectors of the population.

Task 2.2: Study of the main economic activities in the surroundings of protected sites. Evolution over the past 10 years of protection to assess the impact of the declaration of protected site indicating the authenticity or integrity which guarantees that are reflected in the legal norms of protection.

Task 2.3 Study of the potential to develop economic activities in the environment of the site with the aim of preparing a Business Plan and Action Plan for the tourism & culture authorities.

Task 2.4: Identification of obstacles that hinder or impede socio-economic development of the area around the protected site (i.e. lack of infrastructure of hotels and restaurants, appropriate communication, lack of car park sites, lack of promotion of sites, lack of tourist offices etc.). Identification of appropriate corrective actions to be implemented.


D2.1. Comparative study between socio-economic aspects of the site and the protected surrounding areas as well as the factors that impede the equalization between the two populations (M16)

D2.2 Inventory of potential economic activities, obstacles and corrective actions to be implemented for the preparation of the corresponding Business and Action Plans of each site. (M22).

RESEARCHERS INVOLVED: (If there is a different role than given in previous WP table, indicated below)

Task 2.1 [9,10,17,18,29,30,35,36,39,43,45,47,60,61] Task 2.2 [9,16-22,28,31,35,36,39,47,48,60,61,63] Task 2.3 [1,9,10,29,30,35,40,47,48,51,52,56,58,60,61,63] Task 2.4[1,9,10,24,23,28,30,35,47,48,51-61,63]