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WP 3

MONTHS 14-36



OTHER BENEFICIARIES: local authorities & stakeholders, civil organizations and private sector


Appreciation of the existing potentials at these locations, and their environments, generating new opportunities to raise the living standards of local populations


The most important WP of the project must have as inputs the results achieved in WP1 and 2. Main tasks will be related to introducing management and comprehensive recovery of identified sites and their environments into university programs. This will be accomplished through the transference of best practices among all the sites and on the basis of concrete examples of good practices identified in the EU. These actions will be sustained through the participation of scholars and academics of first level that will produce the study material.

Task 3.1: Identify the most important potentials (cultural, bio/geo diversity etc.) in each site for the developing of cultural and ecological tourism and the risks of environmental impacts in the selected areas

Task 3.2: Establish a project development & management of the studied areas, compatible with the environment and sustainable development. Support of local authorities and populations.

Task 3.3: Identify the most relevant educational modules and its contents in each site, for the training courses and seminars programmed at university level (in-situ and on-line) as well the short courses oriented to local populations (conservation and valorisation of cultural heritage in the region)

Task 3.4: Creation of educational modules on topics related to those selected places as well as their geographical environment, highlighting their intrinsic values capable of generating economic activities with attendant socio-economic impacts on local populations. Modules: 1) History, architecture and environment of the site 2) Impacts and environmental risks of each site (Diseases and pollution) 3) Techniques of study and characterization 4) Detailed proposal for each site recovery.

Task 3.5: Elaboration of an Action Plan and a Business Plan for the valorisation of the identified areas, based in their potentials with strong and effective socio-economic issues.


D3.1 Heritage management and valorisation proposal, including all potentialities in the different sites and its surrounding areas (M16-22) D3.2 Elaboration of the modules for the programmed training and short courses (M14-24) D3.3Elaboration of the corresponding Business and Action Plans for each site, (M22-36)

RESEARCHERS INVOLVED: (If there is a different role than given in previous WP table, indicated below)

Task 3.1 [2,5-7,9,12,14,16-22,28,30,31,35,39,44,47,48-53,60-64] Task 3.2 [1,10,23-25,27,30,35,36,42,45,47,48,52,56,58,60,61] Task 3.3 [1,3,4,7,9,12,16-22,27,29,47,61,63] Task 3.4 [1,3-5,7,9,12,14,16-22,29,48-60,63,64] Task 3.5 [9,16,28,30,31,35,39-41,45,47,48-52,54,56,58,60,61]