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WP 4




OTHER BENEFICIARIES: Local authorities, universities, enterprises, multimedias, civil organizations & local stakeholders.


Dissemination of results and awareness among local stakeholders (Universities, Schools, Chambers of Commerce and Tourism, City Halls, other local authorities, NGOs etc.) about the importance of conservation, enhancement and promotion of natural or monumental heritage, as an engine of economic momentum on track to sustainable growth


Task 4.1. Creation and maintenance of Website, including all the promotional material to attend the objectives of the proposal and development of exchanges. Support of collaborative and orientation tasks between the partners and the community under study.

Task 4.2 Creation of a @Learning platform (UNLu) in order to carry out the on-line training courses, based on different education/training-modules and seminars addressed to high level students (University) and short courses in schools or social centres addressed to the local populations (WP·3)

Task 4.3. Production of posters/banners, explanatory thematic videos, leaflets/brochures in EN/PT/ES

Task 4.4. Open days and short courses oriented to local society (AR, BR and MX) for the presentation of the project objectives, sites potentialities and results

Task 4.5. Creation of one (or more) networks between higher education institutions (EU/LA) around the identified sites and including new sites through the identification of other EU and LA partners.

Task 4.6. Other Multimedia tools and activities: Press conferences in newspaper, local TVs, local radios etc.


D4.1 Website, creation and maintenance (M6 creation, maintenance until M48)

D4.2 Multimedia tools: Videos, leaflets, seminars, opendays, posters/banners, etc. (M12-46)

D4.3 Virtual platform for training and short courses of all partners developed (M18)

D4.4 High level students and local populations training courses (in-situandon-line) (M18-46)

D4.5 Project Presentation and progress to local HE in the territory under study to achieve the proposed networks (M28)

D4.6 Project Presentation, including the ActionPlans, on local newspapers, local radios, local TVs etc. (M40-48) and to local authorities (M44-48)

RESEARCHERS INVOLVED: (If there is a different role than given in previous WP table, indicated below)

Task 4.1 [12,15,23,29,33,34,41,43,46,60,61,63]

Task 4.2 [1-6,9,11,16-25,29,33,34,47-61,63]

Task 4.3 [1,4-6,11,13,15,16,23-27,29,32-34,38,47-61,63]

Task 4.4 [1-6,9,13,16,23-27,31,37,44,46,47-61,63]

Task 4.5 [1,3,5,6,9,16-25,28,29,35,41,47,60,61,63,64]

Task 4.6 [1,10,23,28,35,38-41,46,47,53-61,63,64]